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Installing Google Chrome in Ubuntu


Google Chrome not released yet for Linux, but there’s other way to install google chrome inside ubuntu by using wine. And this is the tutorial to install Google Chrome in Ubuntu by using Wine.


Easy XAMPP Webserver installation, and guide to using it for ubuntu


Hello, right now, I will make some tutorials to install and use XAMPP inside Ubuntu, installing and using this software is pretty easy. Now, please read the instructions carefully and these are the how-to for the installation with some simple steps:


gOS 3 gadgets beta review


gOS recently has released gOS 3.0 gadget beta. It seemed to be a couple of month ago, I also just make a gOS 2.0 review, and right now gOS already released gOS 3 gadget BETA. And it much cooler than gOS 2.0 rocket. I’m going to give some special review for gOS 3 GADGET BETA. With some interesting screenshot that I got from some websites.


Top 10 Windows Manager for Ubuntu + The installation method


Hello, right now, I will give you some tutorial and code that probably will be really usable for you. I will give you the complete Desktop Environment installation set for ubuntu. Well, my first desktop enviroment lists are:


Best Themes For Ubuntu


Hello, today I’m going to posts the best themes that I choose for Ubuntu. I do have a few of favorite themes, so I will share it with you.. Probably you do like my style :=) . And I will add some of them a download links…

1. Wall light: Well, this themes is already promoted to be the next intrepid ibex themes, but who knows that this themes will be the next themes?

I like the theme, it has a such simplicity and I like the colors.

More information

2. Kohlenstoff
Wallpaper download
This is the wonderful blackly that I choose to used… Download at:kohlenstoff

3. Dusk

It is a really mac-like themes, I like the colors and the concept, please take a look of the Dusk
themes for more information. This themes is already promoted as the default intrepid themes.

4. This one? This one is my own customization themes… I’m using Wall-light themes and re-mockup it into my own favorite themes.
I’m using cairo-dock for this one with screenlets. It’s kinda cool.

I’m using kiba-dock for this themes plus beryl manager…. It’s installed by default.
Wallpaper? Just click here

Well.. that’s only 5 of my favorite themes. If you do have more cool themes, share it right here!

Installing and using mozilla prism at ubuntu 8.04

Mozilla Prism is a software from Mozilla labs that allows you to integrate the web applications into the native desktop. So it means those web applications(facebook, myspace, and others) will be acting just like a native software. Cool isn’t it? And right now, I’m going to give you some tutorials to install Prism inside Ubuntu 8.04. Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

The installation is pretty easy, you can use the apt-get to perform the installation.

Available Prism Packages in Ubuntu 8.04


Installation at terminal:

sudo aptitude install prism-google-talk prism-google-mail prism-google-docs prism-facebook prism-google-analytics

You also needs to install the flash plugin if you didn’t installed it yet.

sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree

Or, you can use the firefox addons to perform the installation.

After the installation:

After the installation, you can find Ubuntu prism at applications –> Internet –> Prism.

And you also can input some web address like, facebook, friendster, gmail, etc. And here are more screenshots:

Brainstorming Ubuntu 9.04


Well… After taking a short break for a while… Now I’m gonna make a posts again…. I have some crazy things to do with my school and it takes all of my strength and power :P . Now, I’m back again… And today, I will make some Ubuntu 9.04 prediction and brainstorming the Ubuntu 9.04(the next major release after intrepid ibex) . Yes, I know the Intrepid Ibex haven’t released yet. But it’s Ok right? To discuss about this Ubuntu 9.04(even the code name is still unknown right now) . But, after googling, I found so many proporsals from the ubuntu users for this Ubuntu version.


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